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Pari Pravin Wagh

Lohara Balapur, MAHARASHTRA

Name of the Child: Pari Pravin Wagh. Age: 2 Years
Surgery Required: Ventricular Spetal Defect Surgery
Brief Introduction:
Pari was born in Lohara Balapur, Maharastra in2015 with Ventricular Spetal Defect, which becomes a great challenge for her family to treat. A family working hard to meet their daily needs couldn’t afford her treatment which needed lacks of money to get cured. Pari was referred to us by a local clinic and after she came to us we took the total responsibility of her treatment.Total cost of the surgery and medication sponsored by “Balaji Foundation”: 1, 90,000
Life Before Surgery:
Pari had holes between right and left pumping chambers of heart due to which she used had bluish tint to skin, finger nails and lips. She used to have problems in breathing because of low level of oxygen. She used to get really tired at time of feeding so she was not gaining weight and her physical development was very slow compared to children of her age. Giving frequent meals and taking care of her was difficult to her parents as they used work to maintain the basic needs of family.
Life After Surgery:
After her successful surgery Pari is gaining good weight and there is a huge difference in her appearance too. There no more bluish tints in her skin, nails and lips and she is leading a normal childhood unlike others of her age which is a big relief for her parents.


Shifa Anjum Shaikh Jalil


Name of the child: Shifa Anjum Shaikh Jalil. Age: 10
Brief Introduction:
Shifa was born in a very poor family in Maharstra. She was born with a severe congenital heart defect which was not confirmed by the doctors at the time of birth. As she grew older she faced problems which were later get diagnosed by doctors and identified. A family of 5 members living in a small rented house in Pathan pura juni basti was unable to meet the financial requirements of Shifa’s surgery. We came across Shifa in one of our health camps organized in slum area and brought her to our heart centre situated in Mumbai where she had her heart operation done successfully.Total cost of surgery, diagnosis and medication sponsored by “Balaji Foundation”: 1,96,000
Life Before Surgery:
Shifa faced many severe physical problems ever since her birth out of which breathing was the biggest issue. She used to have breathing problems and used get tired even when she walks a little faster. She had to leave her studies also due to low concentration level.
Life After Surgery:
After Shifa’s successful surgery she is leading a very normal life like all others of her age. Shifa’s health is no more a burden to her family. After recovering from surgery she has started school again and happily dreaming about become a teacher in future.

congenital heart diseases (CHD)
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Sachin Jadhav


Name of the child: Sachin Jadhav. Age: 6
Surgery Required: Open Heart Surgery
Brief Introduction:
Unlike most children who are suffering with CHD Sachin was also born with the same. The problem was diagnosed by doctors since his birth. The father who works as a plumber with an income of 15,000 per month was unable to meet the monetary requirements of his heart surgery. When we came across Sachin through our volunteer we took all his responsibility to give him a normal life.Total cost of surgery, medication, transport sponsored by “Balaji Foundation: 2,29,600
Life before Surgery:
Sachin had large blood vessels which resulted problems in heart muscles, blood vessels and valves. He used to have severe chest pain, breathing problem, dizziness when standing-up, swelling around his ankles, legs and feet. Though he is a very active child and have a keen interest in cricket, these problems used to keep him stay inside his home.
Life after Surgery:
After the successful surgery now he is completely fine and recovering very fast. Balaji Foundation is providing free paediatric cardiology consultation for Sachin so that he can lead a normal life and fulfil his dream to be a cricket player.


Rohini Madam


Name of the child: Rohini Madam.Age: 11
Surgery Required: ASD Closure
Brief Introduction:
11 years Rohini is a hope for her parents who work at a small shop and trying their best to support their Daughter’s dreams. A pretty girl living in a slum in Maharastra has big dreams of being a lawyer and very focused on her academic since a tender age. She is good at everything in school apart from sports and physical curriculum. When we came across Rohini in a school camp organized by our doctors and volunteer’s team we brought her to “Balaji Heart Hospital and Diagnosis Centre” and took care of her total surgery and medication.Total cost of treatment sponsored by Balaji Foundation: 2,05,000
Life Before surgery:
Rohini had an issue of getting tired soon and at times she had heavy breathing which was mistaken as symptoms of physical weakness because of her low weight gain. At her school camp doctor’s dictated a murmur sound in her heart which led to do further tests and the result was shocking for her parents that the symptoms were not due to weakness and their daughter is suffering from Congenital Heart Problem.
Life after Surgery:
Rohini is now fully recovered and very happy for being normal as her other friends. She is ready to participate in her school sports next year and getting prepares to win a trophy. Now she is constantly gaining weight without having any more problems in breathing.

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2533 Kids in 15 Districts

Places We focus


There are 500+ dedicated volunteers who are happily connected with us. Our volunteers focus on rural areas and slums; they conduct health campaign at those places and visits people’s houses to identify children suffering from CHD.

Healthcare Centers

There is a tie-up with few small health care centers and clinics that referred children to us when they come across any child with Congenital Heart Defects. We are trying to set few more tie-up with such health care centers.

Education institutions

With the coordination of district health care authorities, we organize surveys on children studying in state-run Govt. schools. A team of medical professionals from each district in association with the district coordinator carries out 100% screening of the schools and do the health checkup.


Under the supervision of our top cardio specialists, we organize health camps in rural and slum areas to identify children struggling with CHD. In these health camps we do a routine check-up and from there the probable children suffering from CHD is referred to our hospital.